Welcome to the Monroe County Achievement Center

Grady Caldwell
We pride ourselves on working with students in their pursuit of excellence.  Our quest is to find and nurture the hidden talent in each and every student. The journey of being successful requires many tools.  The greatest of those tools being a firm sense of ambition, determination, hope, responsibility and respect.  We will spend time during the year focusing on these characteristics in efforts of bringing out the best in each student.

The mission of Monroe County Achievement Center is to provide a learning environment that embodies academic instruction, social development and community partnership, while affording each student the opportunity to develop the skills needed to earn a diploma and become productive citizens in our community and society at large. Each student is expected to attend school regularly. Moreover, students are expected to work diligently to complete all course assignments in a timely manner, and exhibit responsible, respectful and safe behaviors. 

Student success remains the focal point for our school and our school system.  The faculty and staff of Monroe County Achievement Center are committed to meeting the needs of our students and our community as we prepare for another school year. We will continue to set the standard for all alternative education programs in the state of Georgia.


Grady L. Caldwell III