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PRE-Planning: Preparing Real Educators! By Douglas Fletcher
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Tuesday, August 16, 2016
PRE-Planning: Preparing Real Educators! By Douglas Fletcher

PRE-Planning: Preparing Real Educators!

By Douglas Fletcher


                         Pictured: Bottom (L-R) Julianna Josey-Smith, Trey Ogle, Grady Caldwell, III, Rhonda Myrick, Vanessa Jones

Top (L-R) Douglas Fletcher, Danita Harvey, Brian Merritt, Adrienne Love-Tucker, Randall Bigham


Pre Planning this year was a great experience! Although this has only been my second, it was very informational and I do believe it will benefit me for this school year and in my career altogether. We put our heads together to build upon what has already been established and decided what could be improved upon. Motivation for our students will remain the focus since we are a second chance to get back on the right path for graduation.

CPR Training

I enjoyed CPR/First Aid training very much! It was very informative and prepared us for any situation that may occur. This was a time to discuss children in our building with health concerns and get better prepared for any crisis that they or any other student may have.

TIP - The most FUN I’ve ever had in an induction program.

Monroe County does a great job introducing you into the culture while greeting you with the warmest welcome in Middle GA. From the Superintendent to community members, everyone was excited and took interest in getting to know the new teachers in the county. Along with all of the fun we had, lots of important information was provided during TIP.

Pre-planning 2016-2017 was an all-around enjoyable experience.


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