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Student Articles about MCAC
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Saturday, September 03, 2016
Student Articles about MCAC

We are MCAC: What It’s Really Like at the Achievement Center

You might hear a lot of things about MCAC. It’s not really how most people make it out to be. Every morning you report to the general meeting room for Breakfast Club. Then the principal talks about things that are important in our lives or motivates us for our learning and school work. Afterwards, you go to your first period class and work until you change to your next class. It’s not as bad as it seems, you work on your own and at your own pace. The teachers aren’t too bad either. Actually, most of them are cool as long as you do your work and show them respect. Also, they’re always willing to help you and show you the same respect. Some people say there are fights every day and a lot of gang activities go on. This isn’t true; it’s just like regular school but there are different expectations and rules. There isn’t the so-called gang activity either because most students are focused on their school work. It may be a different environment, but we all are here to finish school and graduate. The system here goes by points; if you get fifteen points, you get suspended for a day. If you don’t have any points by the end of the week then you get to dress down. We are only allowed to wear gray or white collared shirts with khaki pants and any pair of shoes. The dress code sucks; I know it. But, we aren’t here to look good; we’re here to graduate. This is how it’s really like at the Achievement Center. You’re all good as long as you do the right thing and stay out of trouble.

By Harrison Pieri



Being a Student at MCAC    

If you’re in the Monroe County Schools System, then you know about the infamous Monroe County Achievement Center; also known as “Crossroads”. Crossroads was the place everybody went to and nobody wanted to be. Even the side name sounds frightening. MCAC is far from all the things everyone has rumored it out to be. Being here requires determination, motivation, discipline, and patience. It’s all on you how your experience goes for your time being on the campus.

When I was younger, I used to hear about people getting sent to “Crossroads” all the time for fighting, gang related activity and things of that nature. I affiliated the Achievement Center with terribly behaved kids and violence. I’d tell myself, “I’ll never put myself in a position to get sent to that school. I promise you that.” Well… Almost four years later, here I am sitting in Mrs. LT’s class typing this essay. Now that I’m here it’s not a bad place at all.

MCAC opens up new doors for its students. This isn’t a place strictly for “bad kids”. This is a place for good kids who have been misguided and taken in before they had the chance to make their situation worse. You grow and you learn-- academically and personally. The teachers push students to their full potential, even if it means giving out a point or two. They wouldn’t push us if they didn’t see that we can do more than what we offer.

Being at MCAC is honestly a privilege. Whether you’re here for punitive or academic reasons, I’d see this an experience to take advantage of. You’re able to reflect on yourself and challenge yourself way past what you've set yourself out to be.

No, we’re not “bad kids”. No, we’re not “dumb kids”. We’re just a group of young adults, trying to get it together. 

By LarRysha Simmons

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