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Wednesday, September 07, 2016


CHAMP spells out guidelines for us as MPHS and MCAC. CHAMP is an acronym that has five letters; each letter has a word and meaning to it.

C stands for courteous

H stands for honorable

A stands for accountable

M stands for motivated

P stands for prepared

What does it mean to be courteous, honorable, accountable, motivated, and prepared?  Well, being courteous sets a good example in your school, class, and an example of you as a nice person. Staying honorable lets everyone around you know that you have respect for others and that you own up to what you say. Being accountable is being on time to class and not being late to class or any other thing you have to be at by a certain time. Staying motivated means to be ready and always excited for class, or any other thing like a job or anything of that nature. Being prepared is to have a pencil or pen when you get to class and something to write on and be ready to write. You need to be mentally and physically prepared, as in sleeping right, washing your body, and putting in your mind that you are ready for school, even if you’re not ready, because putting in your mind that you’re ready will motivate you to be prepared. CHAMP tickets are something we get at MCAC for exhibiting CHAMP behavior. We don’t get the champ tickets at any time though. We get them for showing exceptional behavior like being courteous to the adults, staff, and your peers. We get them for being honorable like listening to the teacher or our peers’ opinions. You get one ticket for what you do. If you get all five tickets to spell CHAMP, you turn them in you will get a free lunch from DQ. They are a good thing to get!

by Jaques Watkins a
nd Michael McCormack

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